PICU, good day

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October 3, 2013 by kruckr


The past 48 hours have been very good to us. Henry was extubated again yesterday afternoon. They restarted his tube feeds this morning and let him bottle feed a little. They took out his arterial line and his Foley. He’s getting his pacing wires out as we speak. They also took out his rectal thermometer, which I can imagine he was happy to say goodbye to. So now, the inventory includes his PICC line and NJ tube. For meds he’s still on Fentanyl, lasix and keppra. Dr. C just came in and it sounds like he might lose the NJ tube today also.

Needless to say we’ve had some divine intervention and are certainly saying our prayers of Thanksgiving. Thanks to all who lifted Henry’s name in prayer circles, church and at home. It worked!

So, after a long week and a few days … Here is the new and improved Henry (although he is in need of a bath)!



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