Cleft Lip Repair (Phase I)


January 13, 2014 by kruckr

Henry came through his first cleft lip repair really well. We checked into Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital at around 6 a.m. this morning. They took him back for surgery at 8:15 am and made the first cut around 9 am. Dr. Obi (his plastic surgeon) came to talk with us around 10:45 am, so the whole thing was pretty quick. Within 15 min. of getting checked into the PICU, Henry learned how to throw off his no-nos (elbow braces) so we’re had to put restraints on him until we get some different braces from the Cleft Team. Dr. Obi repaired the complete cleft on the left side, but is saving the right side for a little later down the road. Because this repair caused so much stretching, he feels he’ll get better results by waiting until the left has a chance to heal.

He woke up from the sedatives pretty quickly and took some Tylenol with Codeine using the tube-syringe. He swallowed that really well, so we decided to give him some pedialyte. He took an ounce of pedialyte and about a half ounce of breast milk in just a few minutes, so the feeding method seems to be working well. Now, he just got a little morphine, so we’re going to let him rest and we’ll try for a full feeding when he wakes.

Henry is going to be one angry baby for the next several weeks. Aside from the elbow braces (to keep him from touching his face), he has  to wear nasal stints to help correct the deviated nasal passage and a Loman’s Bow. The bow helps take the tension off the suture so it can heal faster. And of course, there’s the whole thing about not being able to breast feed. At least this time he doesn’t have to stay intubated (silver lining). Still seeking prayers that he heals quickly and the rest of this month flies by so my boy can get back to being himself.



3 thoughts on “Cleft Lip Repair (Phase I)

  1. jrkinley says:

    Sweet little Henry, God loves you so much and you know this from the love of your wonderful Mommy and Daddy. You will heal and this will pass. We are all praying for you. Love, Pastor Janis

  2. Howard Jones says:

    Henry we love you here in TEXAS AND HOPE TO MEET YOU SOON. KEEP GOING STRONG .We love your Mom and Dad very much. we will pray for them to so they can rest in knowing GOD loves them and YOU. You are a very special little boy Love Uncle Howard and Aunt DD.

  3. Genevieve says:

    We have been keeping you all in our thoughts. I admire your persistence in breastfeeding Henry. It took a lot of work for me to breastfeed my daughter, Zoe (who also has 1P36) but we made it to a year and a half! Zoe has a high arched palate but we were lucky it was closed and did not require repair. Hopefully Henry will heal quickly and get back to his normal routine. Thank you for sharing your story and pictures of Henry- I agree, he has a perfect, sweet little face just as it is/was. I am sure he will be just as cute and wonderful with his new repair. Take care of yourselves.

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