January 1, 2017 by kruckr

Today is the first day of the New Year … and the first time I’ve written a blog in quite sometime. This blog was a form of catharsis for me throughout my pregnancy and Henry’s first year or two. Since then, I’ve had less time and energy to write; I’ve also been mostly sleeping through the nights, which is when I think I got most of my writing done before.

Regardless, it’s been too long and plenty has happened since  my last post (which I just realized was a year and a half ago – YIKES!). On my last post, I was bragging about Henry sitting independently for the first time. I can now say he has progressed to standing on his own for a few seconds at a time. This is in large part to the stander we got for Christmas last year, and the gait trainer he’s been using at school. That’s right! Big Boy is in Pre-K at Westview K-8 this year!



This past summer, Henry aged out of Early Steps so I decided to start going to Wolfon’s rehab for additional physical and occupational therapy. He gets these at school, but there are some big goals I’d like him to work on (standing/walking and self -feeding with a spoon) so I believe the extra support will help. Plus, it helps me to see the therapy in progress, so I can replicate the exercises at home. Overall, I’m still really happy with his progress. He is still non-verbal, but we’ve got our own form of communication, and he has his teachers and paras at school trained on how to read him. However, once we master the first two big goals, that will be the next I want to tackle.

The biggest news from this past year of course, is that Henry now has a baby sister … Ella Lorraine. She’s the most beautiful baby girl and the sweetest thing ever! She just smiles and coos and is so attentive. After our first pregnancy (and a following miscarriage) we were really worried about having a healthy child. However, so far she seems about as perfect as can be. She’s growing like a weed and meeting or exceeding all her milestones thus far. We are so happy and blessed that God has chosen us to care for this new life. I know she’s going to be an amazing little sister for Henry and he an amazing big brother for her.



The year ahead will bring additional challenges as Dan works to complete his degree (and I manage two kids on my own twice a week while he’s at school), in addition to balancing winter and spring functions at my job. Ella is going to be moving and grooving before too long and we will have to learn be on our feet with a mobile child. Henry’s next lip surgery is scheduled for mid-March, so our spring break will be spent convincing him that life in a straight jacket really isn’t all that bad.

I’m not making any resolutions in the traditional sense because I think self-improvement is an evolutionary process, not a decision in a single-moment. At 34, I know and love myself more than I ever have before. At the same, there are so many things about myself I’d like to change. Each year, I’d like to be a better mother, wife, teacher, friend, sister, etc. than I was the year before. I also have personal goals, like improving my yoga practice, meeting financial goals and continuing the process of eating healthier.  I don’t think change has to be one-dimensional or quick, to be effective.

So, as New Year’s Day ends and my mouth is watering from the smell of black-eyed peas, turnip greens and cornbread cooking, I am setting my intention to focus on ANY form of self-improvement. I realize I may not be successful in every endeavor, but failure is a part of growth. Since becoming a mother, I’ve learned that forgiving yourself is as important as yearning for growth. I am forever grateful that the Lord has put people in my path who love me and help me grow, and the wisdom to ignore those who don’t. Looking forward to the year ahead – Peace and Love!


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  1. Congratulations! It is so nice to see your update. I love the picture of Henry and Ella- so sweet!

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