Heart surgery, Part II


September 24, 2013 by kruckr

Henry is lying in his PICU room right now and I am down the hall pumping for the fourth time today (really miss breast feeding). He isn’t too far into the recovery process, but he’s doing well so far. His heart rate has been a little high, which is normal with these operations, so they’re monitoring it and may put him on meds to get it down if it doesn’t happen naturally. His surgeon, Dr. Ceithaml has been amazing. He closed over three hours ago, but he’s been in and out of Henry’s room every few minutes monitoring the situation.

I won’t post any pics this time, but he actually looks pretty good for a kid who just went through open heart surgery. He’s still intibated and he has a chest tube and various lines coming out of his arms and legs. His suture is about 5 in. long. I will post a pic once some of the lines and tubes are out.

I’m going to close now, both because I’m exhausted and because my pumping bottles are almost full. Thanks to everyone for all your prayers and support. Keep thinking of our boy as he gets through the recovery process. Love you all!


One thought on “Heart surgery, Part II

  1. jrkinley says:

    You know that we are all your prayer warriors!! And Henry is strong and determined to grow and heal. What a blessing he is to you and Dan and what a great blessing you are to him. God is so good.

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