10 months

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May 1, 2014 by kruckr

It’s been another eventful month for the Kruck’s. At the beginning of April, Henry got to go to fellow tot Benjamin’s birthday. As usual he was mostly interested in nursing and sleeping, though he hung out for games and cake. He’ll have cake of his very own in a few months when we celebrate his first birthday. Party is booked for June 28 – Pirate theme! On to some good news/bad news. Back in January,  we noticed some twitching. He would kind of crunch forward, squeeze his fists and blink rapidly.  They only lasted a second, but he would have several of those at a time. The clusters would happen 5-10 times a day. On Apr. 3, we had an overnight EGG at Wolfson’s. Dr. Abrams, his neurologist, diagnosed him with infantile spasms the very same day. I remember reading that these were more damaging than other types of seizures. In fact, he had all but stopped babbling, smiling and laughing since January. The phase 1 treatment was a massive dose of steroids for two weeks, then wean off slowly. I was skeptical,  but happy to say that after a week, the spasms stopped. Shortly after, his personality lit up! He started smiling and laughing and babbling again. Hopefully they stay away. Phase two is some sort of hormone treatment. On Tuesday, he had another apneic seizure. I was just dropping him off a daycare and he went blue while I was taking him out of the car seat. Luckily it only lasted about 30 seconds and we were at the daycare, so we didn’t have to call emergency services.  They gave him some oxygen and evaluated him there. After calling Dr. Abram, I took him home to give him extra meds and snuggles. Thank goodness for understanding coworkers! We had his well baby appointment later that afternoon.  No sickness, three (almost four) teeth, 21.5 lbs. And, it looks like he’ll be getting a new accessory. We’ve noticed a flat spot on the back, left side of his head (plagiocephaly). It’s creating a lot of favoritism on the left side of his neck. This is know as torticollis, and along with physical therapy, Henry will need a helmet to repair it. We have his cranial scan on June 17. I’ve heard of artists that can paint these. Anyone know someone who can do something like this? 1422582_707664749297131_861817730062174263_n.jpg We’re also going to do a swallow study sometime soon. He’s regressed with his spoon feeding. Still taking the bottle and breastfeeding, but he’s developed some kind of oral aversion to the spoon. I’m hoping it’s just moodiness from teething, but I guess we’ll find out. All in all, Henry is growing all changing each day.  He’s sitting up more and more, and is now long enough to sit in the jumparoo. It’s crazy how fast this year has gone by. As ready as I am for summer break, I know it’s going to come and go just as fast. Speaking of summer time, we’re planning on taking Henry to the pool for the first time this weekend. I’m hoping he loves the pool just as much as his mommy does. Wish usluck! image Loving the mamaroo during his EEG image Naked time while healing from a diaper rash image Smiling at Aunt Heather image Snuggles with mommy image “I’m how old?” image Rocking the jumparoo


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