The boy’s gotta eat!

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July 7, 2013 by kruckr

Henry is 6 days old today and he’s called the NICU home so far. The only thing keeping him here is his inability to bottle feed. His most recent schedule for eating was 55ml (expressed breast milk) every 3 hours. Before every feeding, we wake him up (or try to), take his temperature and change his diaper. His temp is always good and his diaper is always full (lots of time with the spicy mustard – much easier to clean up than the black tar from the first 2 days of life:) Then we’ll swaddle him and begin bottle feeding. He’s had a few good bottle feedings (with the Pigeon feeder), but we usually only try for 20-30 min. After 30 minutes of eating, babies begin to burn more calories than they’re taking in. So far, for most of his feedings he’s just too tired and lethargic to wake up and eat so most of his food has gone through a feeding tube that is inserted through his nose to his stomach.


Kate, the speech therapist, working with Henry on the Pigeon feeder.

Whatever is left over after 30 minutes they put on a timed pump over 2 hours so he has more time to digest his food (he also has a lot of residuals (undigested food) after feedings). However, that meant that he only had about 30 min. between feedings where he wasn’t getting anything. I was worried that he was just too overfull all the time and therefore never had the urge to eat. I just spoke with his doctor about my concerns and she decided to change his schedule to 70ml every 4 hours. And any leftovers after 30 min. will be pumped through the tube over an hour and a half instead of two hours. I’m hoping this will give him enough of a break between feedings to that he’ll actually start to feel hungry. 

Praying this will work!!


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