1 week old today!


July 9, 2013 by kruckr

Exhaustion will keep me from making this one too long. Today was fairly relaxed and quiet for a Monday. Henry got a visit from the physical and occupational therapists today. Both gave good reports. The NICU doctor came by and said that if we can get a least half of his feedings on track, then she’ll consider taking out the feeding tube. 

Diane, the NICU lactation specialist came by today to work with me on breast feeding. So far, I’ve been pumping (and producing a lot!!). However, today we were able to get him to latch on pretty good. He took in 21 mls his first time. He seems to enjoy it and so do I, so we’re going to keep practicing in the days ahead. I really hope this method works, because none of the bottles are really producing consistent results (although the Pigeon has come pretty close). 

We’re also going to start getting him up a little earlier before feedings. The OT began working with him at about 4:00 and he stayed awake for his whole 4:30 feeding. Before we would wait until a few minutes before to change him and get him up, because we were afraid of wearing him out too quickly. But, I think he needs a little more activity to arouse him and get him interested in eating. 

Anyhow, it’s still all trial and error at this point. Still hoping and praying something works soon!!


Here’s a sweet 1 week picture of my sweet boy


2 thoughts on “1 week old today!

  1. Tamara says:

    My son is almost 11…it has always been trail and error. Happy to hear Henry is making progress daily.

  2. Janis Kinley says:

    What wonderful news about him nursing some now–good for momma and baby. Love the picture. He has got such great dark hair–like his dad! I hope all is going well with Dan back at work.

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