Bringing Henry Home


July 15, 2013 by kruckr

Grandma Kruck and I headed to the NICU bright and early this morning prepared to bring our boy home. At around 12:30 they still hadn’t been by to do his circumcision (the only thing we were waiting for). So, I went up to my OBGYN’s office to see what the hold up was. Apparently I still owed them money for the circumcision and they were waiting for payment before they put it on the doctor’s schedule (a fact that no one bothered communicating to me until then). After taking care of that, I was then told it would be 5:30 before the doc could get down to do the procedure, or we were given the option to come back and do it as an outpatient procedure … I chose option B. So good news, we got our boy home … bad news, we have to go back tomorrow for the snippety snip:(  As I’m writing this in the comfort of my own home (otherwise I would STILL be sitting at the hospital) I know I made the right choice. Now, time for me to unpack Henry (who has accumulated quite a bit of stuff for a 2 week old) and for Grandma, Auntie and daddy to snuggle until the cows come home!

Here’s the rest of today’s story … Enjoy!

ImageOne last look at Henry’s first home



Resting up for his big trip


Dressing up for his trip home



All loaded up for his wagon ride to freedom!




Carseats are so much fun!



Home at last! Norman and Charlie (well mostly Charlie) were very eager to meet their new brother



First diaper change in his new room … it was quite a doozy!


Cozy time with Auntie Cole


2 thoughts on “Bringing Henry Home

  1. ashley says:

    hey so glad henry is home . And i know you an dan are too. Love the picture s an all the updates about him. I will continue to pray for henry . He such a handsome little baby . Caint wait to meet him in person . Dont stop the udates there very injoyable . Love you ashley

  2. Rose Greer says:

    Congratulations on bringing Henry home. What an adorable little boy.

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